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Posta Mlangoni

1.0: Posta Mlangoni (pM)

pM is the fastest, reliable and affordable intra-city/town courier service offered by Tanzania Posts Corporation.It is the cost effective and efficient way in the delivery of documents and packages within the city/town

2.0: Posta Mlangoni BENEFITS

2.0.1: Is convenient and reliable and is meant to suit interoffice documents and packages delivery escpecially for organisation with big volume of consignments for delivery within the same town

2.0.2: Provide the highest level of customer care on professional one-on-one and family like approach

2.0.3: Offers pick-up and door-to-door delivery service anywhere within same town

2.0.4: Is ideal for "just-in -time"documents and packages collection and delivery, hence increase customers satisfaction

2.0.5: Relieves Customers from hustles associated with visits to Post Office, affixing postage stamps or franking mail

2.0.6: Secured transportation , delivery and proper accounting of items are essential attributes for pM

2.0.7: Is operated by experience and customer friendly staff

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